HCG Weight Loss

San Francisco HCG Weight Loss Program

In Western Europe and North America the majority of the population is obese, causing a profusion of degenerative diseases and debilitating conditions. Ideal weight can be achieved through a variety diets, but often results in immediate weight gain the moment you stop dieting. This is often due to burning up the wrong types of fat in the wrong places, as well as weight loss caused chiefly by dehydration. This San Francisco HCG weight loss program is different in that 75% of clients keep the weight off after finishing the program. This success is due to continual monitoring during the program combined with healthy nutrition and lifestyle education to live a healthier lifestyle after the completion of the program.

The weight loss program is a low-calorie eating doctor-supervised plan which incorporates a naturally occurring hormone which accelerates fat break down. Complaints of hunger, fatigue or depression common to many diets are eliminated or drastically reduced. With this weight loss program you can expect to lose 15-30lbs per cycle, with each cycle being 30 days.

The weight loss program addresses several of the common weight loss problems by supporting the metabolism hormonally during the program (credit patrick). It will lead to an increase in metabolism and energy, increased fat metabolism without any muscle loss, decreased appetite along with an increased sense of health and well-being.

*Results vary person to person


Watch Dr. Oz talk about HCG weight loss below!