HCG Diet Explained

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What is the HCG Diet

The HCG diet consists of a low calorie doctor-supervised diet program which incorporates a naturally occurring hormone called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.) This unique combination of a low caloric diet and HCG results in decreased complaints of hunger, fatigue and moodiness common to many other diets. The addition of HCG appears to promote the breakdown of fat in those stubborn areas that have been out of reach for years. This fat breakdown can produce up to 1500 calories per day so you can get through your day without feeling hungry or tired. The HCG diet was first developed by A.T.W Simeons in the 1950’s. He found that HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin naturally suppresses appetite and helps the body burn fat, particularly around the umbilical area. His hypothesis was that HCG acts directly on the hypothalamus – the endocrine gland responsible for controlling our hunger, body temperature and breathing as well as directing our pituitary gland – the gland governing our hormone production and release. He hypothesized that by supporting the hypothalamus with HCG the resulting hormonal balance will promote weight loss in the areas most hard to reach, the abdomen and thighs, while maintaining muscle mass.

Benefits of HCG Diet

The HCG diet has many benefits. People who follow the diet program are continually impressed by the incredible weight loss– up to 30 pounds in one month. These results combined with a decreased risk of rebound weight gain are what makes the HCG diet so popular.

  1. The HCG Diet works quickly – results are almost instant. You can lose up to 30lbs in just 30 days.
  2. It is healthy – no prepackaged foods that come loaded with chemicals and preservatives.
  3. It is easy – the recipes are fast, easy to make and delicious.
  4. You won’t be hungry – HCG suppresses your appetite, so you are physically comfortable during your weight loss.
  5. You won’t be tired – HCG helps your body burn fat so your metabolism doesn’t slow down. You will have plenty of energy to keep functioning in your busy life.
  6. It doesn’t require intensive exercise – exercise is important for our overall health, but it is a hard way to lose weight.
  7. It is safe – HCG is a natural, bioidentical hormone and not a dangerous weight-loss drug. Appetite suppressant pills have been found to have dangerous health consequences.
  8. Decreased risk of rebound weight gain – the majority of people keep the weight off long after the diet is over by following the healthy eating patterns learned throughout the diet.
  9. It is effective for almost everyone – if you follow the recommendations you are almost certain to lose weight.
  10. HCG helps you lose fat where you need it most – hips, thighs, and abdomen.
  11. The weight loss you experience on the HCG diet is a huge factor for enhancing optimal health – you will have a decreased risk for many long-term health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.
  12. It has been tried, tested and refined for over 50 years.


HCG Diet Protocol:

The HCG diet protocol is quite straightforward. It involves a diet phase (Phase 1) and a maintenance phase (Phase 2.)

Phase 1

Every morning take your temperature before getting out of bed, then empty your bladder and weigh yourself (write the weight down.) Only weigh yourself in the morning with an empty bladder to ensure accurate and consistent weight records. After weighing yourself administer the HCG as directed. During the first three injection days you MUST include fats and oils in your diet. Day 4 you start the calorie restricted diet. From here on, you must drink at least 2 liters of spring water or herbal tea per day, take 1 tablespoon of psyllium fiber dissolved in water 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner, and follow a specific diet.

The low caloric diet menu:

Before breakfast, lunch and dinner take 1 tablespoon of psyllium fiber dissolved in water. Breakfast: One cup of coffee, tea or herbal tea with one large green apple (chew slowly and thoroughly). Drink 2 liters of fluids per day (no juices, fizzy drinks containing sugar, etc., are allowed.) Morning snack: 11:00 – One cup of knorr vegetable broth with ½ Wasa cracker (Optional) Lunch: 3 1/2 oz. (100 grams) lean animal protein (All visible fat must be carefully removed) with at least a large handful of raw, steamed, baked or grilled vegetables from the allowed list. See the recipes for menu ideas. Afternoon snack 4:00pm: One cup of knorr vegetable broth with ½ Wasa cracker (Optional) Dinner before 7:00pm: The same choices as lunch. See recipes. Evening: A large green apple, an orange or 6 medium size strawberries. *The 3 1/2 oz of protein twice per day are mandatory and may under no circumstances be omitted. *After the last HCG dose, the diet must be continued for three more days. The simplicity of using HCG for weight loss lies in the ease with which one can lose the amount of weight one wants to and then leave the diet when it pleases them. After stopping the low calorie diet you must follow a stabilization phase for 3 weeks.

Phase 2

This phase of the diet is a 3 week stabilization period. This phase is necessary to regulate your metabolism and prevent rebound weight gain. If this phase is ignored you are almost certain to regain back the weight you just lost. During this period you must avoid the high sugar carbohydrates, such as sugar, bread, rice, potatoes, pastries, pasta, etc. If no carbohydrates are eaten during this phase you will be able to eat fat containing foods as well as small quantities of alcohol, such as a glass of wine with dinner. But fats and carbohydrates cannot be eaten together during this phase of the diet. For example, if you decide to have some cheese you can’t combine it with crackers and deep-fried foods such as french fries (contain fats and carbohydrates) must be avoided.

Other Considerations

The HCG diet is suitable for most people. However, it’s important to have some routine lab work done before starting the diet to ensure there are no health conditions that may prevent you from being successful with the diet. I recommend all my clients have their thyroid hormones tested prior to starting the diet to ensure their metabolism is functioning at an optimal level. If your thyroid is slow you may have a harder time losing weight during the program as well as an increased risk of regaining the weight after the program. I also recommend clients get tested for food sensitivities as they can contribute to weight gain, digestive troubles as well as low energy and mood. Another point to remember is that long term weight maintenance involves permanent lifestyle changes. It’s important to focus on a diet consisting of foods naturally found on this planet, such as fruits, vegetables, seeds and animal protein, and decrease processed foods and anything that comes in a package or box. If you are able to do this you will not only see a prolonged weight maintenance but also an overall increased sense of wellbeing.

Dr. Kristy Vermeulen, ND

FDA Disclaimer: The FDA has not approved hCG for weight loss.

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