*Please note that results will vary person to person

I got my health back

“From the very first consultation I felt I had knocked at the right door. Kristy has a different approach from what I experienced with doctors in the various countries I have lived in. She takes the time to get a thorough understanding of the person she has in front of her and takes into consideration the patient as a whole to understand the underlying issues to what he or she experiences. Kristy also takes the time to educate her patients. She explains thoroughly what happens in the body and how the treatments she has selected are going to work.

Thanks to her expert advice, tailored diet and ongoing support my digestive problems disappeared very quickly and in less than 6 months all my blood indicators and blood pressure became normal. And I lost 15 kilos along the way! In a nutshell I got my health back and I could not have done this without Kristy! A million thanks!” N.V.


“Rejuvenated, re-balanced and full of trust and awe for this dedicated professional woman, I highly recommend her to all those weakened by any condition.” M.M

Healthy looking skin!

“I noticed consistent improvement in my skin from Kristy’s suggestions. After 10 days my skin is fully recovered! Thanks!” J.M

Weight loss

“Kristy has helped me considerably with my weight and health. I am very grateful for all that she has taught me” D.B

Crohn’s dz

“The day that I was diagnosed as having Crohn’s disease, my husband came home with a flyer announcing a lecture by Dr. Kristy Vermeulen entitled “Improving digestion: Naturopathic Treatment Options”. I attended and learned with relief that there was much more to do than just taking the anti-inflammatories which was all my allopathic Dr. had prescribed.

During our consultation I told Dr. Vermeulen about the progression of my various ailments which had all ammassed in the last five years: asthma, a goiter, and Crohn’s, and she listened attentively. Quickly and decisively, she wrote down a clear outline of instructions, a very promising plan of attack.

After 6 months, I can say that my Crohn’s is gone, and even my asthma is dramatically improved (I’ve reduced my inhalations of Symbicort 200 from 2X/day to 1 every 2 days. I don’t even notice any asthma anymore!,) and at this point even my goiter is much less visible. But more than this, my energy is back entirely and I feel clearer in my head than I have in the last decade.
I have found in Dr. Vermeulen a health professional who listens to symptoms and cleverly devises combinations of natural medications and supplements to strengthen the entire system while alleviating the symptoms at the same time (by patrick). I feel heard, professionally cared for, and carefully attended to with effective tailor-made remedies, for the first time in my medical history.” G.T

I have my life back!

“I just can’t thank you enough — you’ve given me my normal life back and in less than a year. You’re just fantastic! I just wanted to let you know. Thank you so very, very much.” C.T

Behavior disorder, ADHD

“I still would like to inform you about my daughter. She is doing very, very well!!! We stopped all consumption from milk and wheat since the end of january and she almost turned at once in a completely different person…. Her bad tempers have gone, she can see the sunny sight of life again and a lot of stress for her and us has disappeared! On top of that she’s doing very well at school. I asked the teacher to repeat the Cito-tests mid grade 6th and with all three of them she ended with ‘A’s’ instead of ‘E”s!!! Best of everything: she herself is feeling so much better!!! Physically and mentally. Thanks!” N.R.

I must say, I feel a big change in me since I have been to see you and started the hormone balancing program. I feel so much calmer, also emotionally. Thank you!

*Please note that results will vary person to person